DNS Registrar WHOIS privacy

Did you know that every domain you have ever registered has 'WHOIS' information publicly posted for anyone and everyone to see? This service maintains your personal privacy for your online identity.

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What is 'WHOIS' Information?

When you register a domain; the Registrant, Admin, Billing, and Technical contact information is collected by the Registrar and posted publicly for anyone to see. This is your 'WHOIS' information. Government and ICANN regulations require all domain holders to submit WHOIS information which is then collected and displayed in a public 'WHOIS' database!

What will DNS Registrar Whois privacy do for me?

  • We take your public information and make it private!
  • Stop Domain related SPAM. Included is a private SPAM filtered encrypted Email address for your domain.
  • Domain Theft and Domain Fraud are no longer an issue.
  • Harassers, Stalkers, and Data Mining companies will no longer abuse your information.

How much does it cost, and how can I get it?

Simple. The cost to use the optional Whois privacy is only $3.50 per domain per year. If you would like to use WHOIS privacy service and do not yet own a domain, you must register one first. Please use the searchbox to check availablity. If the domain is available, you can register it from only $14.95!